The results of the defense of diploma projects and qualification works in the specialty “Technologies for storage and processing of meat raw materials”

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In the period from June 16 to June 24, 2020, 4 EC meetings were held in the ZOOM system. This year, 27 bachelor’s degree projects and 3 master’s theses were submitted to the EC for consideration.
The presented diploma projects were performed on a variety of topics, which included alternative technologies, innovative, waste-free, and improvement of production processes.
These were projects for the construction of new shops, the introduction of waste-free and resource-saving technologies. 3 complex projects were also presented.
In connection with the undergraduate internship abroad in Germany, 3 bachelor students completed diploma projects with the introduction of innovative technologies for Profitim Ltd. (Germany).
All diploma projects had a feasibility study for the design, development of the necessary sections and were performed at a good level in accordance with the requirements. Some students presented graphic material of projects made using the AutoCAD system.
A total of 30 diploma projects were defended:
At “excellent” – 14, which was 46%;
On the “good” – 13, which was 45%;
On “satisfactory” – 3, which amounted to 9%;
On “unsatisfactory” – 0.